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Welcome to Borneo Resource Investments Ltd. (Ticker Symbol: BRNE)

Borneo Resource Investments Ltd., and through its wholly-owned subsidiary Interich International Limited, mission is to develop a platform of prime quality energy assets and export potential to explore and develop coal reserves primarily in the East Kalimantan and West Papua regions of the Republic of Indonesia, one of the world’s largest areas of high-grade thermal coal reserves, through acquisition of coal mining concessions and licenses.

The Company’s strategy is to continue to acquire prime concessions and develop a “land bank” of assets to buy and sell assets and mine coal with strategic partners. It is the Company’s intention to select strategic partners to coordinate construction of coal mining infrastructure for concessions acquired. Ultimately, financing of mine development will be largely achieved through structured, limited recourse project financing.

We are also establishing a trading operation to capitalize on arbitrage opportunities between Indonesian supply chains and major energy importing nations, most notably India and China.